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We are a Surf Travel Company who has the Exclusivity of some of the best Surfcamps, Resorts, and Surf Charters in the world. This means that some products can only be found in  We also operate our own  Nomad Surf Resorts , the first franchise chain of surf resorts.



The trips we offer are custom made vacations, all year round, for all ages, sex, levels and budgets, although a lot of our  clients are older than 20 and total beginners that come to Surfcamps. For the experienced and independent surfer we also have Surfaris, Boat Trips and Guided Tours with locals to the best surf spots. Hassle free trips, without language problems, public transports, surfboard transportation, etc. It is all organised, from your arrival to the airport to your stat in comfortable and clean accommodation, good meals, transport to the beaches, use of surf material, etc.

Apart from surfing we offer all kinds of trips related to boardriding and other extreme sports. And we also offer different kinds of accommodation; Apartments, hotels, etc.
We also organize summer camps for teenagers with different activities and language courses. These summer camps are run by reliable professionals. The minors are supervised 24 hours a day. The camps are not boarding schools. Its all about having fun and living a healthy sports life, but always under the responsible team work of instructors.





Unlike some other "surf travel agencies" we know what we are selling and recommending... Plus we are surfers! We try to personally visit each destination regularly to make sure that the selected destinations meet the high quality required. Clean accommodation, good surf courses, good food, and close to good surf spots. So be careful when booking through an agency in internet. Will they be reliable? Compare it with ! Check how much content the website has and what impression the site gives you. Give them a telephone call.



More and more good surfers and experienced travelers are booking through Nomad Surfers. After lots of traveling, we have come to the final conclusion that booking your holidays with a good agency is much cheaper and will minimize the risk of negative experiences. Why? Because we have already committed those mistakes ourselves for you ! We have already tried and selected the best accommodations and boat charters worldwide, so that you don't have to go through it.

We carefully select the best and most professional businesses in each region to be part of Nomad Surfers. The owners of each business are usually the best or first surfers of these areas. Nomad Surfers only works with the best ! So you can be sure that you will be in good hands.

Someone will be at the airport to meet you, regardless of what time you arrive. Your beds will be ready. Your food will be ready. Clean rooms. Proper toilets !

The best local surf guides in the area that will advise you where to go surf and when. What tides, what winds, where to go in and out of the water, etc. They will take you to that magical place that you would never in the world find on your own or would take ages to do so, wasting your precious time ! If you only have one or two weeks holiday, you don't want to be taking any risks and running around blindfolded. You want to get every minute worth of surfing.

For those who thought that it is cheaper and cooler to travel without booking previously ...

People who thought that way, probably ended up paying more ... and the quality of their vacations was much worse, compared with being advised properly by booking through a specialized surf travel agency!

Conclusion... Cheap often is expensive !

We find it very important that after a long journey, flights, check-in counters, making flight connections, running through airports, going through customs etc, you get a good comfortable first night sleep the day you arrive.


Nomadsurfers works on commission and the price through us is exactly the same as the price you would pay if booking directly with the surfcamp or boat charter. 

Advantages of booking through NomadSurfers

By booking through Nomadsurfers, we will recommend you the best surfcamp in the area, that best suits what you are looking for. We can describe it and tell you the good and bad things of each one. But if you contact the surfcamp directly, they will obviously always tell you that their place is the best and most wonderful one. We want to send you to the most suitable place for you, building trust so that you will travel again with Nomadsurfers in the near future. We will always advise you with an impartial and objective opinion.



Our philosophy of life is basically to enjoy it to the fullest. Have fun (Carpe Diem). In our case, fun is to surf and travel as much as possible, using surf as an excuse to discover other cultures, exotic places, and epic world class surf spots! We love animals! We believe in Karma! And believe that Traveling is the best university!




SINCE 1995

Nomad Surfers was created by Jose Gutierrez and started promoting snowboard camps in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, back in 1995. The office moved later to Carrapateira (Algarve, South Portugal) for eight years - the best surfing residence in Europe (in our opinion... after lots of traveling). Like a good Nomad Surfer, the office then moved for some years to  Ibiza island.

Today, after many trips and adventures across the planet, Nomadsurfers is a well established and experienced company. We offer many more destinations than any other surf travel agency on the planet. Over 150 destinations for the practice of all kind of board and extreme sports. Thanks to our efforts and professionalism during these years, Nomadsurfers enjoys the credibility of a serious company, recognized and respected on the Surf Market. We are proud to have provided unforgettable experiences to thousands of clients each year, to have received many grateful messages, and to continue offering exciting vacations to many new and recurring clients.


We have a friendly, professional and expert team with many years of experience taking care of the bookings and answering any questions you may have. Our staff speaks fluent French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German and English. We can answer any of your questions regarding the accommodation, the beaches, the climate, the water temperature, the surf spots, the night life, the visas and vaccines, the public transport, the airlines, the best season to go, etc...

Ask us for advice if you are looking for uncrowded surf spots. If you want the sickest hollow perfect barrels on the planet. If you want easy, fun, mellow waves. If you are organizing a farewell surf trip. If you want an accommodation a bit more upgrade to go with your family, children, or girlfriend. If you want a surfing honeymoon. If money is not a problem and you want to go to Surf Paradise. Or if you don't have a lot of money and want the cheapest package. 

If you want any extra advice or want to book your vacation

 send us an e-mail at:

Hang Loose !

Jose Gutierrez


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Awesome surf accom with awesome breaks walking distance from Lodge. Great atmosphere food and was awesome. A+++ Surf lodge can't wait to go back.... Andy
Andrew Sav - NSW Australia says on March 26, 2014 : Awesome surf accom with awesome breaks walking distance from Lodge. Great atmosphere food and was awesome. A+++ Surf lodge can't wait to go back.... Andy